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The Zombies, Beacon Project,

The Zombies at City Winery Boston
8 pm 

Caught the Zombies about at a theater in New Hampshire some years back, and they were amazing. Colin Blunstone's voice pure and clear, "Say You Don't Mind," the hit Colin had solo written by Denny Laine (Brian Hines) of the bands Wings/The Moody Blues, along with Argent's "Hold your Head Up," from keyboardist Rod Argent, and - of course - "Time of the Season," one of the all-time great pop songs.  If memory serves Pete Best, Beatles' drummer, opened with a very fun set resembling garage rock, a nice pairing.  Sunday night March 4, 2018 at the City Winery Boston, across the street from the TDBanknorth Garden. 80 Beverly Street  80 Beverly Street , Boston, MA, 02114 - 617-933-8047

Just added to Boston Free Radio's library for all the jocks to have access to 

"Trust" opens the 4 song E.P. What Haunts My Mind with a powerfully driving feel, melodic guitars and great rock and roll attitude.  

Trust 4:58
Forget 5:03
Give My All 3:17
Waiting to Get Free 3:50
released February 17, 2018 

Music by: Matthew Burke, Matthew Noyes, Zach Halstrom, Robert Orenstein 
Lyrics by: Matthew Burke 
Produced & Engineered by: Matthew Burke 
Mixed & Mastered by: Kevin Caraffa 
Album Art by: Ian Walker

Thursday, February 15, 2018

When I'm President on the Pop Explosion radio show

"When I'm President"  Ian Hunter
starts off the Wednesday 2-14-18 show!
Guest co-host Johnny HallofFame
and Joe Vig on the POP EXPLOSION 2-14-18
Songs on playlist 1)Ian Hunter "When I'm President, 2)Kim Carnes "Bette Davis Eyes" acoustic 3)Interview John and Kenny 4)The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" Altamont, 5)Ian and Sylvia "You Were On My Mind," 6)Wildweeds with Al Anderson "No Good to Cry," 7)Jeff Mastroberti "What's Reality," 8)Girl On Top "Space Oddity," 9)Kenny Selcer live in BFR studios "Yes, You and Me" (Kenny Selcer with Steve Stephen L Gilligan) 10)Jesse and The Hogg Brothers "Hogg Tail Twist" 11)Jack Phillips "I Love New York" 12)Mary Gatchell interview, 13)Kenny Selcer "Say You Will"
Part 2
14)  Greg Kihn "The Life I Got" 
15)Genya Ravan Ian Hunter "Junkman" 16)Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys "Keep Playing that Rock n Roll" 17)Ian Hunter "Dandy" 18)John Cale "Big White Cloud"19)John Cale "Big White Cloud," 20)Heidi Jo Hines "All Along the Watchtower" 21)essra Essra Mohawk "Spiral" Fun show today with Kenny Selcer performing live, Mary Gatchell and Jesse Braintree calling in. Show is copyright (C)2018 Joe Viglione / Joe Vig Pop Explosion / Visual Radio, all rights reserved.

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Ian Hunter Live at the City Winery Boston - Feb 12 2018 Boston Massachusetts (across from the Boston Garden)


Ian Hunter - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Steve Holley - drums, backing vocals
Paul Page - bass guitar 
Dennis DiBrizzi - keyboards  
James Mastro - guitar
Mark Bosch - guitar 
Rock Journalist Joe Vig explores a brand new place to play!

   Sunday night at the City Winery Boston, a new venue that opened December 2017, Ian Hunter's Rant band wrapped up the two night stand in this classy environment.  Comfortable, low-key blue light rains softly over the dinner tables creating what has to be one of the great atmospheres for entertainment in this six-state region.  

     The charging sounds opened the show at 7:08 pm with the band mostly dressed in black (the exception being of a stray red shirt on one of the guitarists)  and Ian Hunter rocking' like a man in his twenties or thirties, as timeless as Peter Noone, and continuing to spread his gospel to we who have been attending his concerts since the early 1970s.

       It's an interesting thing reviewing a concert in the 2018 age of YouTube where video clips from previous concerts proliferate.  At an Ian Anderson solo-from-Tull concert a few years back, Ian had mentioned in the interview prior to the show that he didn't like the audience taping him...the first notes of Aqualung had a sea of cellphones in the air rather than the cigarettes we witnessed in the 70s and 80s, and this critic's thinking "Anderson's worst nightmare!"     

    Without getting a "refresher course" from these clandestine videos on the web, one has to rely on the memory of a fun night of rock and roll, and his (or her) notes...the experience as a whole rather than the single song or two.  However, I shall try to reconstruct my own recollection of Sunday at the City Winery, so here we go!

     On this night Ian Hunter performed mostly his solo material from the multitude of solo discs. Interesting that for me the music from the newest, Fingers Crossed, stood out, especially the title track, Ghosts and the sublime "Dandy,"  Backstage I noted to Ian that "Dandy" is a perfect tribute song, tucking in pieces of David Bowie song titles and life events without becoming tacky or maudlin.   Indeed, it feels as if it is a Bowie/Hunter co-write, created in the style of La David, the intro guitar lick almost an inverted and truncated inspiration from the Mick Ralphs / Mick Ronson magic of the All the Young Dudes opening sequence.   A constant reconfiguration on such masterpieces as "Honoloochie Boogie" and "Roll Away the Stone" were welcome treats on the albums Mott and The Hoople, respectively.

      The opening guitar riff on "When I'm President," though, is totally unique and this particular tune is fast becoming my favorite all-time Hunter composition (along with "Dandy" now) -    Music that is masterful, memorable, entertaining and extraordinary in a world where radio has gone haywire; radio which is supposed to spread the gospel instead is carefully constructed with 200 songs that zombies, not listeners, expect to hear when they get into their car to go to or come home from work.  Freeeeebird and Sweet Home Night Moves be damned, would you rather hear boring old Eagles for the nine millionth time or Ian singing "Welcome to the Pit and the Pendulum...I'm gonna lean on the 1 percent, when I'm President..."  

     Live the tunes reflected their respective recordings (When I'm President CD title track, August 2012; "Dandy" from Fingers Crossed, September 2016) and that's thanks to Hunter's creativity and wise choices in musicianship.  It's amazing that these legendary performers backing up Ian Hunter are not often mentioned in reviews... "One Take Steve" Holley has toured with Hunter on and off  since 1987, having met the Mott the Hoople frontman in 1978.  Dennis DiBrizzi has appeared playing keyboards on Genya Ravan recordings, bassist Paul Page performs with Holly in their own project, the Sidney Green Street Band, while James Mastro and Mark Bosch team up with Ian for a three-prong guitar attack, when Hunter isn't doubling on keyboards with DiBrizzi.  

     It's notable because as The Wrecking Crew and the Section are achieving the fame they deserve years later, Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band and the Lou Reed/Alice Cooper Rock n Roll Animal Band (with Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner) getting their props as well, the Rant Band has yet to be noted for their reliability and enormous skills.   Perhaps an Ian Hunter documentary in the future can bring the entire project full circle to the world consciousness which needs to know! 

    The Rant Band 2018 is in great form, and so is Hunter, notes from the concert scribbled on a small piece of paper the establishment offered me, along both sides of two lengthy menus the extremely friendly waiter handed me.  (In fact, the help at Boston's City Winery are all very helpful and polite to everyone, which is the way it should be. ) Trying to decipher the rock journalist's own handwriting like interpreting/transcribing hieroglyphics ...oh, what the heck, I'm not going to sit here and go bonkers attempting to inadvertently mix metaphors by finding Just Another Night or Man Overboard suddenly merged in the Star Trek transporter beam with Rosemary-Pecorino Truffle Fries at seven bucks a pop or the lovely Pavlova which is City Winery's meringue with compressed apples and vanilla sauce mix (also 7 bucks, thank you very much.)

      Ian Hunter is one of the last great rock stars, and he gave those in attendance nearly two hours (one hour, fifty minutes) of non-stop performance which is most difficult past forty years of age...for lesser men, that is.     

    "Sweet Jane," from the All The Young Dudes album, is wonderfully back in the set as a bookend sort of tribute to composer Lou Reed in the same fashion as "Dandy" is the nod to Bowie.   Lou, Iggy and the Stooges, Mott the Hoople - the bands we adored from the 60s and 70s  (Mott and Iggy emerging circa 1969, the Velvet Underground a few years before that) - were loved by their cult of listeners; Bowie in the 1970s changed all that and brought the music to the forefront that was as much the genius of Bowie/Mick Ronson as it was David's skills as a songwriter.

Ghosts" from Fingers Crossed was riveting...especially in the light of  the loss of Reed, Bowie, Mott bassist Overand Watts, Mott drummer Buffin, Mick Ronson, our heroes from the days of what they called "Glam" rock but which was actually the second coming of Psychedelia, at least in my mind.

      "All the Way to Memphis" and "All the Young Dudes" proving essential as part of the encore/closing act.    Yes, you can watch 'em all on YouTube now or download the live albums from Amazon, but the Rant Band live and in concert at the City Winery in Chicago, New York and Boston is an exquisite experience, a beautiful new venue, a reliable band of rockers that know how to entertain.*

*Not since the days of the Jazz Workshop and Paul's Mall has the region had a nighspot like this.  Boston City Winery is even better than those two iconic old rooms! 

Article is also published on the popular

Thank you Peter Wolf for allowing me to have a moment with Ian

Joe Viglione, Steve Holley, photographer Cameron Laing after the concert on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Photo on the slant as the neon lights from across the street were vibrant

When The Daylight Comes   Winery New York City

Central Park N West

Paul Page 11 years with Ian, Steve Holley joined Hunter/Ronson in 1987...(Steve had three years with Joe Cocker in between; Steve met Hunter in 1978 and since 1987 Steve has played in some capacity with Ian.)

Keyboardist from Genya Ravan/Ian Hunter bands Dennis DiBrizzi backstage with rock journalist Joe Vig thanking me for my reviews!    

Alice Cooper and Tommy James did as well...but not at this show!!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 27, 2017 Pop Explosion Rare Alice Cooper, Doors, Paul Nelson interview, Mike Feeney Concert Reports

PART 1 AND 2 . 1-3 PM


0)Marshall Krenshaw Little Wild Child
1)Ian Lloyd  "Rip It Out"
2)Black Sabbath  "Snowblind"
3)Spanky and Our Gang  "And Your Bird Can Sing"
4)Ian Hunter  "Dandy"
5)Maggie Herron  "In My Life"
6)On Notice "Daydream"
7)Michael J. Roy "Point of No Return"
8)Lou Reed  "Crazy Feeling"
9)Interview with Paul Nelson
10)The Searchers "Needles and Pins"
11)Boston Concert Report 12/27/17  Mike Feeney
12)Satch Kerans  Out Here in the World"
13)The Doors  "Been Down So Long" Take 2  Outtake
14)Thee Fightin' Fish  "Magic Potion"
15)Girl On Top  "Space Oddity"
16)Alice Cooper "I'm 18" Live, extended version
17)John Cale "Big White Clouds"
18)Massachusetts Concert Report 12/27/17 Mike Feeney
19)TLC - "Sunny"
20)Juniper   "Starin' Cross the Water"
21)Jeffland   "Kimberley"
22)The Wildweeds "No Good to Cry"
23)The Beacon Project "See This"
24)The Facc-Tones  "Strange Mind"
25)Cindy Latin "With You"
26)The Failsafes "Too Far Gone"

Part 1 of Radio Show here:

Joe Vig Pop Explosion with Paul Nelson December 27, 2017 also On Notice, Boston Concert Report plus!

1)Marshall Crenshaw "Little Wild One"
2)Ian Lloyd  "Rip It Out"
3)Black Sabbath  "Snowblind"
4)Spanky and Our Gang  "And Your Bird Can Sing"
5)Ian Hunter  "Dandy"
6)Maggie Herron  "In My Life"
7)On Notice "Daydream"
8)Michael J. Roy "Point of No Return"
9)Lou Reed  "Crazy Feeling"
10)Interview with Paul Nelson
11)The Searchers "Needles and Pins"

has a length of 134 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 42 characters:

Paul Nelson, guest on the Joe Vig Pop Explosion Dec 27, 2017


1 pm new music - "Daydream" from On Notice, Maggie Herron covering the Beatles IN MY LIFE on Bongo Boy Records, "Magic Potion" from Thee Fightin' Fish, Juniper and more! 1:30 pm December 27, 2017 on - the Joe Vig Pop Explosion, an interview with Grammy Award-winning guitarist/producer Paul Nelson, who was Johnny Winter’s band-mate, band leader, producer and closest friend. Johnny Winter’s critically acclaimed album, "Step Back," won the 2015 Best Blues Album Grammy. Paul also won a Grammy for producing the album, in addition to adding guitar on several tracks. Paul has been nominated for a 2017 Grammy in the Best Contemporary Blues Album category for his production work on Blues Hall of Fame inductee Joe Louis Walker’s latest album, Everybody Wants a Piece. Paul also played guitar on the album. Paul and his band have recorded a version of Freddie King’s holiday classic, Christmas Tears.

"The Paul Nelson Band playing the Freddie King classic "Christmas Tears" as featured on the album "Blues Christmas" out now on Cleopatra Records. Featuring Paul Nelson (Grammy winning guitarist with Johnny Winter), Morten Fredheim on vocals, Chris Alexander on bass, Chris Reddan on drums and guest Mike Dimeo on keys.

POP EXPLOSION TOP 10 for this week

TOP 10 songs on Joe Vig’s Pop Explosion:    
1) Forever Like the Sea – American Beauties, 
2)Elevation – John E. Funk,                       
3)Michael J. Roy “Point of No Return”  
4)Valerie’s Song – The Only Humans  
5)Multi-Man  -Elsewhere  
6)Keep It Together – Positive Negative Man  
7)Mascara (What Good’s A Heart) – Aaron Chase  
8)Reboot  Steve Dennis 
9)Stoned – Blue Manic 
10)Hands of Fortunre  Eric Lee
Songs are chosen from how much I like them on my radio show, Pop Explosion.  
1)Cantab Bluegrass - club reopens Tuesday Dec 26
2)Boston Concert Report on Soundcloud
3)Massachusetts Concert Report on Soundcloud

REMEMBER Cantab Upstairs open until 8 PM - no music or entertainment on Dec 24, 25 (Christmas.) Bluegrass returns Tuesday 26th Frank Drake and Friends are the feature act on Tuesday the 26th, 8:30 pm TBA 738 Massachusetts Ave. (Central Square) Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 354 - 2685

 Here are some updates to the Club Bohenia calendar here: 

Friday January 12, 2018 $8.00 11)the Beacon Project 10)Luxury Death Trap 9)Boss Nova 8)Sudden Relic

Saturday 1/13/18 10.00

 “Where the industry comes to you”
January 1, 2018
2018 – How Do We Navigate the Music Industry in the New Year?
An editorial by Joe Viglione
    Integrating entertainment fun with successful business strategies is the key to achieving your goals in the turbulent waters of the business of entertainment.  Aerosmith’s Joe Perry said that you have to carry a guitar (instrument) case in one hand and a briefcase in the other…just make sure that your instrument keeps audiences smiling and that your short term and long term goals are logical, practical, and will generate revenue to power your dreams.


   When producer Bob Boyd cablecast John Lee Hooker July 6, 1974 in Gardner, Mass., it was an historic event that survived because of the very early days of public access TV. See the Music Business Monthly interview with Boyd here: https: // tinyurl . com /bboyd6july1974 remove the spaces in the link, of course, pasting in browser.   Yes, we are in a new era of Facebook Live, Concert Window and more platforms than one can Google or remember, which is why the under-explored world of access television is still the next frontier for independent artists.    Buddy Guy, U2, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson and everyone above and below in terms of box office draw now get documented whether they choose to or not.   A new artist is quite literally the USB in the haystack, often lost in the shuffle, and in need of positive exposure.    Back in the day when I was headlining the Channel, Cantones, The Paradise and other clubs we taped as much as we could, from cassette to three camera shoots.  The footage is quite valuable as part of the history of the New England scene as well as the capture of audio and video that is important to me personally.     EVERY SERIOUS ARTISTS WILL TAPE EACH PERFORMANCE AND COMPILE IT FOR POTENTIAL DOCUMENTARY PURPOSES AS WELL AS CLIPS ON YOUTUBE AND OTHER MEDIA PLATFORMS.

    For John Lee Hooker’s legacy, Bob Boyd’s tape and my investigative work and liner notes preserve the magic in a way that is unique, vital and exciting.   Access television matters, and many stations are hungry for interviews, live performances and videos that you have created on a computer or with a videographer and/or video company.
LIVE AT CLUB BOHEMIA  January 4, 6, 2018 at 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA   Central Square
    Positive Negative Man on Thursday, January 4    Metal Pistol, Elsewhere, Highway Chapel with Joe Fagan, Nick Zaino, Mick Lawless, Thee Fightin’ Fish, Nelson Slater …the history of Club Bohemia is being put together in a unique and special way, with  full 55 minutes (after approval of the performances, of course, by the director and the artists!) to be presented on access television as a TV special.    As Live at the Rat is such a collector’s item, documenting Bohemia and the bands that play the venue will be something special for future generations to watch and enjoy.
TOP 10 songs on Joe Vig’s Pop Explosion:    1) Forever Like the Sea – American Beauties, 2)Elevation – John E. Funk,                       3)Michael J. Roy “Point of No Return”  4)Valerie’s Song – The Only Humans  5)Multi-Man  -Elsewhere  6)Keep It Together – Positive Negative Man  7)Mascara (What Good’s A Heart) – Aaron Chase  8)Reboot  Steve Dennis 9)Stoned – Blue Manic 10)Hands of Fortunre  Eric Lee
Songs are chosen from how much I like them on my radio show, Pop Explosion. 
Editor and Published by Joe Viglione

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The Demo That Got The Deal TM radio  show
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WCOZ added this to my timeline ages ago...just found it hidden in Facebook

 The phone number has changed decades later, of course
TOP 10

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Tues Dec 19, 2018 Daily Briefing Cantab Lounge, WXRV's Homegrown

1)Boston Concert Report, Massachusetts Report, Text and Audio
2)Stephen Davis, author (Led Zep, Stones, Jim Morrison, Stevie Nicks) BFR 12/20/17
3)WXRV local music  12/18 - 12/22 2017
4)Cantab Lounge - Bluegrass Tuesdays  upstairs and down
 Kathleen Parks @ Cantab 12/19 

as always, you can ask off of this list.

Blasting out music from Joe Black's Blackenstein (hard copies available next week,) Positive Negative Man, Audioscam out to about 94 radio stations in New York 

Soundcloud  Boston Concert Report 12-20-17

Notice the Club Bohemia calendar on the Massachusetts report.
If clubs (Ralph's Diner) send me their calendars I will post them on the Soundcloud

My Daily Briefings that go out to bands on the Rock Journalist Joe Vig blog


HAMMER OF THE GODS on Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley
writer for the former Boston Phoenix and Rolling Stone 

This Week’s Lineup: 12/18/2017

MondayTerence RyanSong: “To Live And Die In New England” |
Tuesday: Evan Goodrow | Song: “Let’s Burn Everything” | Next Gig: Saturday January 27th @ North Shore Shelter Fest in Beverly, MA

Fortune’s Favor| Song: “(I Do All My) Christmas Shopping at the Dump” |

Red Tail HawkSong: “Big Wind” | Next Gig: Friday, December 22nd @ The Grog in Newburyport, MA
Old School Friday: Aimee Mann| Song: “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” |
Listen to recently featured artists below!



• Upstairs

Pickin’ Party

Feature @ 10pm:
Kathleen Parks, Emily Baker & The Stay-At-Home Dads 

Opening act
@ 8:30pm:
High Strung Reunion

• Downstairs

Pickin’ Party

December 19, 2017 High Strung Reunion at the Cantab Lounge BLUEGRASS Pickin’ Party 8pm UPSTAIRS
Feature @ 10pm:
Kathleen Parks, Emily Baker & The Stay-At-Home Dads
Opening act @ 8:30pm: High Strung Reunion

• Downstairs

Pickin’ Party 8pm

High Strung Reunion